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What Is a Trademark?

A trademark is a special type of logo that identifies a product or service as belonging to a specific company or person. This mark serves as a proof of exclusive use in commerce and serves as a notice to the public. A trademark must be distinctive to be legally protected. Although a descriptive mark can […]

How To Bootstrap A Business On A Shoestring Budget

While you may think that it is impossible to start a successful business on a shoestring budget, it’s not impossible. If you have enough money to cover the startup costs, you can consider a bootstrapped model. For example, if you own your home, you can start a business from your home and avoid monthly rental […]

What Is A Startup?

In general, startups are businesses that are self-funded by the founders. However, 66% of all startup companies secure external funding through venture capitalists or loans. The goal of a startup is to expand its business as rapidly as possible. A small company might be content to stay small and insignificant forever, but a startup isn’t […]

Fundraising For Nonprofits

While nonprofits have traditionally linked fundraising with larger organisations, the recession has resulted in an increase in private efforts. This means that nonprofits must learn to match the needs of their community and match their resources to the needs of their nonprofit. Often times, this means learning the resources available to the community, and figuring […]

5 Tips For Investing In Unicorn Startups

Investing in unicorn startups requires persistence, an innovative idea, and the right tools from Day one. Listed below are some strategies for success. Keep reading to learn how to start a successful business in the tech sector. These ideas may change the world. The following are five tips for a successful business. – Stay focused […]

How To Identify The Next Billion-Dollar Brand

There are three distinct ways to identify unicorn startups: by their valuation, their innovative concept, and their customer-oriented marketing. A successful unicorn startup will put a high priority on customer-oriented marketing to improve its conversion rates, improve customer engagement, and evolve the brand over time. In addition, successful unicorn startups will focus on the product […]

Three Tips For Writing Engaging And Persuasive Startup Stories

Good startup stories are crucial for any startup. The founders have more on the line than a successful product. Customers, employees, and investors all have busy lives, so it’s vital that you have a sharp machete and a compelling message. The right story can help you move people from one place to another and ultimately […]

Five Essential Elements For Success In Start-Ups

The idea of spending your money on a startup may be a bit of a myth. These businesses must prove themselves and raise capital before they make a profit, and the possibility of closing is always a possibility. In addition to being financially risky, startups can be grueling, which makes it hard to work outside […]

How To Create A Successful Unicorn Startup

While unicorn startups can be a good source of inspiration, there are some factors you should avoid in order to avoid creating the next dot-com. According to an analysis by Forbes, a startup that can become a unicorn can have a valuation in the range of $144 billion or more. These startups are mostly privately […]