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Peak Startup is building the Colorado Springs startup ecosystem by cultivating opportunities for founders, innovators, and investors to learn, grow and connect!

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We host and support over 100 events a year all designed to inspire, connect, educate and celebrate.

Peak Startup supports

both entrepreneurs and teams at multiple stages:


1 Exploratory Phase

We collaborate with educational institutions and community partners to introduce people to startup life by providing individuals the foundations they need to develop an idea into a business.


2 Idea Stage

Once someone has an idea and plan for growth we work with them to refine their idea, seek validation, find mentors, and develop their pitch.

3 Early-Stage Companies

Peak Startup fosters a community of innovators to learn and problem solve together. We seek to increase the visibility of early-stage companies and support them in finding the next steps to scale their businesses.

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Mission & Vision

To grow a strong, vibrant startup ecosystem of companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and talent in the Pikes Peak region.

Peak Startup cultivates opportunities for founders, innovators, and investorsto learn, grow, and connect.