What qualities does a successful entrepreneur possess? What traits should they have? Is there such a thing as a perfect entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is a very broad term, encompassing a wide variety of businesses from start-ups to large corporations. The definition of entrepreneurship varies depending on who you ask. Some say entrepreneurs are risk takers, while others believe they are innovators. Regardless of their definition, everyone agrees that entrepreneurs are passionate about something.

There are certain personality traits that are common amongst successful entrepreneurs. They tend to be optimistic, confident, goal oriented, and determined. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to develop these same characteristics.

The following are the top 10 personality traits of successful entrepreneurs:

1) Optimistic – An entrepreneur must always remain positive in order to keep his or her enthusiasm high for the business. A negative attitude will cause an entrepreneur to lose focus and ultimately fail.

2) Confident – When starting out, it’s important to feel comfortable with yourself and your abilities. Entrepreneurs with low self confidence often lack motivation, which leads them to failure. It’s crucial that you’re confident when you’re first starting out, but don’t let this confidence go to your head. You can never get too cocky.

3) Goal Oriented – Most people dream of becoming an entrepreneur but few actually pursue it. This is because most people aren’t good at planning ahead. Having goals not only helps you stay focused on what needs to be done, but also gives you something exciting to work towards.

4) Determined – When faced with obstacles, some people give up easily, while others see challenges as opportunities. Those who persevere usually succeed. Being determined doesn’t mean you won’t encounter failures along the way; it just means you won’t quit no matter how many times you fail.

5) Enthusiastic – People with passion and enthusiasm do well in life. To be an effective entrepreneur, you need to love what you do and enjoy working hard. If you don’t like doing business, why would anyone else?

6) Outgoing – Many people think being shy is a bad quality to have, but those who are outgoing generally have more friends and make better contacts than those who are quiet. As an entrepreneur, having social skills is key. You’ll need to interact with people from different backgrounds and learn new things every day.

7) Persistent – Even if you meet resistance along the way, persistent people continue to move forward. They may face setbacks but they keep going until they reach their desired outcome.

8) Self Disciplined – Self discipline is needed by any entrepreneur whether he or she is running a small business or a multi million dollar corporation. Without self discipline, it’s impossible to achieve success in today’s competitive world.

9) Resourceful – In today’s society where technology plays such a big role, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to be knowledgeable about computers. By developing expertise in this area, you increase your chances of succeeding.

10) Passionate – Finally, one of the most important personality traits of all is passion.