IT TAKES A VILLAGE: You can have an impact

It takes a strong startup ecosystem to build a successful startup.

The ecosystem is composed of all the necessary feeding and support functions including the source and development of talent, places where they can work, mentors, networking and learning opportunities, and access to capital. A self-empowered startup entrepreneur has the vision, audacity, and fortitudeĀ to will a company into existence and will leverage the heck out of what s/he can.

Startups need their communities to champion, support, and encourage their endeavors. Mentors, talent, cofounders, partners, neighbors, investors, policy makers, and cheerleaders all contribute to a startup entrepreneur’s success.

In addition to the economic impact of startups, the stronger the startup community, the more likely it is to have companies that have grown and scaled who can help other companies understand how to grow and scale. It is in the best interest of the community as a whole to support startupsĀ in their journey.

Peak Startup is dedicated to providing many aspects of the ecosystem and works with other individuals and organizations to strengthen the other components locally.

You CAN have an impact! How?

Engage with us. Volunteer, advocate, donate.

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