January 8, 2018-

As more and more professionals choose to start their own businesses, RipTide releases their much awaited mobile app that will help those professionals get more results out of their business networking groups.

RipTide is a Networking Group management app that allows referral group leaders to automatically track their group’s activities in real time.  Currently, many groups use cumbersome paper slips and tally results by hand.  Other groups require their members to track their activities in spreadsheets or online databases.  “Both of these options are extremely inefficient,” says Diane Snead, Founder and CEO.  “Group leaders easily spend hours each month just on admin.  That’s time they’re not prospecting or building their business.”

While many would stop at just offering a mobile tracking system, RipTide disrupts the status quo by introducing Predictive Analytics and Sales Forecasting algorithms into its app.  Networkers now have a way to optimize their business networking to make the most effective use of their time.

The small business landscape is changing; 40% of the workforce will be independent contractors by 2021.  These professionals depend on referrals and are joining networking groups faster than ever to find customers.  Coupled with the fact that business mobile app usage is growing 30% each year, RipTide is well positioned to take advantage of these industry trends.

Group leaders are charged a monthly subscription but their members use the app for free.  “It’s designed to help single groups, multi-chapter organizations, even Chamber of Commerce leads groups,” Snead said.  “Using technology to leverage the relationships you’re already building is the modern way to network.”

RipTide is available for download on the Google Play App Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for Apple devices.  You can also find them at RipTideGo.com.

About RipTide:  RipTide is a mobile-first solution providing networking group leaders an easy way to manage their group, from automatically tracking activity, to scheduling presenters and monitoring member requirements.  Proprietary analytics provide actionable insights to help professionals become better networkers.  RipTide was founded in 2016 and is based out of Colorado Springs, CO.  To learn more about RipTide and its benefits, visit RipTideGo.com.

(source: http://riptidego.com/press-release-01-08-18-initial-launch/)