Have an impact

Yes, truly a gift that gives both ways.

Uncle Sam and the state of Colorado provide extra tax benefits to our eligible donors because Peak Startup*, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, is a contribution project of the El Paso County Enterprise Zone. The Enterprise Zone (EZ) contribution tax credit was created to encourage taxpayers to give more generously to organizations that benefit our community… eh hem, Peak Startup.

Because of our EZ status, donors who give $250 or more receive an additional 25% tax savings beyond existing state and federal charitable tax deductions. The chart to the right illustrates how a large part of your donation comes back to you in various tax credits and deductions to significantly reduce the after-tax cost of your donation.

Sponsor an event!

Event sponsorships available:

  Pitch Night     Startup Week     Business Wake     Startup Weekend

Email director@peakstartup.org for more information regarding sponsorship levels, availability, and packets or if you want to make this contribution through EZone.